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Looking to grab the best broadband deals 2024? You have come to the right place. This blog aims to provide you with a curated list of the latest deals on broadband to help you save big.If you’re living in the UK and wondering which broadband is best, we’ve got your back. We’ve checked out lots of internet providers, looking at how well they work, their prices, and what customers think. Whether you work from home, love watching videos, or just use the internet now and then, our guide will help you pick the best broadband deals for you in 2024.

Picking the Right Broadband Deal: A Simple Guide

Choosing the right broadband deal can feel overwhelming with so many options out there. Whether you use it for gaming, streaming, or managing smart devices, consider these factors to make the best decision:

  • Cost Comparison: Evaluate prices and potential discounts, factoring in installation and equipment fees.
  • Provider Availability: Confirm coverage in your area and assess network reliability.
  • Internet Speed: Assess your usage habits. Higher-definition content and gaming require faster speeds, typically 50 Mbps or more.
  • Data Usage Limits: Be aware of any usage caps. Unlimited plans may be preferable for heavy data users.
  • Contract Duration: Decide on a contract length, weighing flexibility against potential cost savings.
  • Bundle Options: Explore packages that include additional services like TV and phone, which may offer savings.

Best Broadband Deals 2024

Here is our chosen list of the best broadband deals for 2024:

  • Unlock Unlimited Usage with Vodafone’s Premier Broadband Offer!

Begin with the UK’s most cost-effective broadband option and enjoy lightning-fast connections boasting download speeds of 38Mbps or 72Mbps. Benefit from a 12-month contract without any early termination fees. Seize this plan and commence at just £12 per month, with no setup expenses!

  • NOW Super Fibre (Fibre broadband deal)

This fibre broadband offer is quite appealing since it only binds you to a 12-month contract, allowing you the freedom to explore other options after a year. However, it’s worth noting that Now Broadband occasionally raises prices; in July, their products saw an increase of £3.50 (excluding social tariffs). 

  • TalkTalk TV 4K box Fibre 35 +TalkTalk TV 4K Box+Netflix

The TalkTalk TV 4K box provides access to streaming platforms such as NOW, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. Plus, it includes a Netflix subscription. Annually, in April, TalkTalk may increase prices by CPI plus 3.7%, applicable only to the broadband part of the contract. Certain consumers have raised concerns about aspects of TalkTalk’s customer service. 

  • Hyperoptic 50Mbps Fibre (12 month)

Hyperoptic, a lesser-known broadband provider, delivers fiber broadband across 64 towns and cities in the UK. They offer an impressive selection of fiber broadband deals, pledging to maintain your tariff throughout the entire contract duration – a rarity among providers. 

  • Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment & Netflix with Superfast Broadband

This offer combines Sky TV and Netflix along with fiber broadband boasting average speeds of 61Mbps. Sky may implement occasional mid-contract price increases; last year, prices rose by an average of 8.1%. 

  • Trooli Full Fibre 900 Home + Wifi Plus Signal Booster

Trooli, a smaller provider, delivers ultrafast broadband directly to your home, exclusively accessible in select areas of Berkshire, East Sussex, Kent, and Suffolk. What’s more, they assure that the price you pay remains unchanged throughout your contract.

  • BT Entertainment & Netflix +Fibre 2

This BT offer features EE TV, formerly known as BT TV, granting access to NOW Entertainment, NOW Cinema, NOW Sports, TNT Sports, Netflix, and Eurosport, alongside discovery+ included in all packages. Please be aware that this contract covers broadband and TV only. Each year, by the end of March, BT may increase prices by CPI plus 3.9%, affecting the entire contract. 

  • Community Fibre 75 Mbps Fibre Broadband

This ultrafast broadband deal, available in select areas of London, offers full fiber broadband service to the capital. It’s an impressive offering. Community Fibre enforces mid-contract price hikes annually, based on CPI plus 2.9%.

  • Gigaclear Superfast 150

Available in certain regions of the Midlands, South West, and South East England, Gigaclear presents attractive introductory rates. However, beware of potential price hikes after the initial contract period ends. Additionally, Gigaclear enforces mid-contract price increases annually, calculated as CPI plus 3.5%.

  • Virgin Media Big bundle

This offer ensures entertainment with access to over 145 channels. Additionally, it provides ultrafast fiber broadband boasting average speeds of 264Mbps. However, Virgin Media may introduce mid-contract price increases; in April 2024, prices will rise by the retail price increase (RPI) plus 3.9%. Certain consumers have raised concerns about aspects of Virgin Media’s customer service. 

Which Contract Duration Suits My Needs?

Contract durations are a crucial factor to consider. While certain deals may appear cheaper initially with lower monthly rates, longer contract terms could result in higher overall expenses. Conversely, some providers offer price guarantees, providing peace of mind with longer contracts that prices won’t increase until expiry. Our deals outline the total contract cost and the monthly effective cost for clarity.

Does Unlimited Broadband Really Mean Unlimited?

In the past, fair-usage caps were common, meaning that ‘unlimited’ plans actually had high data caps, and exceeding them could lead to additional charges. Nowadays, most providers offer genuinely unlimited services, but some smaller ones may still have traffic management policies. These policies slow down specific internet activities, like peer-to-peer downloads, once you reach a set limit. For instance, they might prioritize time-sensitive activities such as online gaming and video calls to ensure uninterrupted service. Before switching providers, it’s essential to verify if any speed-limiting or traffic management occurs.

Determining the Best Broadband Option for Your Area

Finding the ideal broadband provider for your area means ensuring reliable, high-speed internet that meets your streaming, gaming, or work needs. Opt for a trustworthy provider with minimal downtime and responsive customer service. Additionally, choose a broadband deal that fits your budget, offering competitive pricing and transparent terms. Ultimately, the best broadband in your area should offer a perfect blend of speed, reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction.


There you have it! This was our list of the best broadband deals 2024. The UK’s broadband market provides a plethora of services catering to diverse connectivity requirements. While both Fibre Optic and Mobile Broadband offer distinct advantages, our top pick for users seeking unparalleled performance, reliability, and extensive coverage is Vodafone. Their dedication to offering state-of-the-art technology, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing positions them as leaders in the UK broadband market.

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